From health and fitness to foodie favourites, we’ve got all the wellbeing trends you need to know about covered.

Lay the Foundation
We all know to warm up before we exercise, but the latest fitness trend takes this one step further. “Prehab” is an approach to exercise which is designed specifically to avoid the dreaded rehab. Fitness-related injuries are becoming more common, and prehab is all about reducing that risk by spending a little more time building a strong foundation. Ask your personal trainer to talk you through it.

Soup for the Soul
Forget smoothies; drinkable soups are where it’s at this summer. Just as tasty, but much heartier, more filling and ultra-convenient, they’re packed with organic, antioxidant ingredients. They’re an easy way to work towards your five a day and you don’t even need to heat them; just break open a bottle.

Play Time
When children are playing, they don’t realise that they’re exercising. They’re simply having fun. That’s the ethos behind a new approach to fitness classes. Hula hooping and trampolining are growing in popularity, allowing the grown ups to have as much fun as the kids.

Slacking Off
Engage those core muscles with a spot of slacklining. Sort of like a tightrope, which is just a few inches off the ground, it’s great for your core and balance and can be done easily by stringing your line between two trees. Once you’ve got a bit of practice under your belt, you can even do yoga on it.

Dry Run
It’s been around for ages but dry body brushing is enjoying a real renaissance at the moment. Use a natural bristle body brush on dry skin, sweeping it in long strokes towards your heart. Use it for five minutes in the morning before showering for softer skin and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Add a hydrating oil into the mix for smoother strokes.
Published: June 2018