Eat Like a Local

Home to both world-class restaurants and to internationally renowned bagels, Montreal is a foodie’s paradise.

Get your bagel fix a little closer to home at the fabulous Bross Bagels in Portobello. You can eat them fresh or freeze them for later and try them with one of these tasty fillings at home...


  • Cream Cheese (Philly is best!)
  • Lox (we get ours from the best fishmonger in town, Welch)
  • Pickled Red Onions (made by THE pickle guy himself, AYE PICKLED)
  • Capers
  • Dill
  • and a Squeeze of Lemon
Published: October 2018


  • Jalapeno Schmear (blend Jalapenos, Garlic, Salt & Pepper with Cream Cheese)
  • Hot Smoked Salmon (again Welch is best)
  • Crispy Capers (fry ‘em up in some oil until crispy)
  • Bread & Butter Pickles (my personal favourite pickle from Aye Pickled of course)
  • Cracked Black Pepper
Published: October 2018


  • On the grill melt smoked Applewood cheese onto a healthy amount of shaved turkey breast.
  • At the same time toss on a couple of pieces of streaky bacon (we use bacon from the Edinburgh Bacon Company).
  • Layer some Montreal slaw onto the bottom bagel slice (this slaw is not like your regular slaw – so even if you don’t like slaw – try it – we bet you will!).
  • Once cheese is all melted layer turkey on top of slaw then bacon then top with Mama Bross’ Rock Sauce (which we hope to bottle and sell in shop soon! – but if you’re desperate before then a good burger sauce will do).
  • Get your gob around that quick!!!!
Published: October 2018


As sold in Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop in Soho, London:
  • Bross Bagels’ bespoke pink or pretzel bagels filled with Ben & Jerry’s birthday ice cream and/or their salted caramel ice cream.
Availabile for a limited time only, but don’t let that stop you from making yours at home!!!
Published: October 2018