Space Invaders

Editor Lynn Stewart shares her tips on how to make rooms look and feel bigger without knocking down walls.

At this time of year, natural daylight is scarce and bad weather has us spending more time indoors, which can make our homes feel as if they are closing in on us. But enhancing a sense of space is easier than you think. Start by cutting the clutter. Objects build up without us realising, so tackle things room by room. Clear shelves and surfaces and only put back what you really love.

Paint several pieces of lining paper in your colours of choice and pin them up around your room to see how well each shade works in the light before making a final decision.

Furniture that doubles up as storage is ideal in smaller spaces – use pretty trunks, which can store items and double up as occasional tables.

If you are investing in new furniture, choose something with legs, which has space underneath it, rather than pieces where the bottom touches the ground. Pulling furniture away from walls can create more of a sense of space.

Rethink your colour scheme
Paint can be used to visually trick the eye to make our homes appear larger. Lighter colours will reflect light, and if you don’t want to go for all white, pale grey, blues and greens, and soft pinks and lavender tones all work well.

Mirror view
Try not to rely on overhead lighting, which can be harsh. Adding in a few smaller table and floor lamps will create pools of light and interest around a room. Use a mirror to bounce light around – if you can, position it opposite a window, it will reflect the view outside, giving the impression of a second window.

Focal Point
Colour coding objects makes them look intentionally arranged, while one large, bold artwork on a wall will draw the eye towards it, making a room feel more expansive.

Small steps now will see you through until those lovely longer, LIGHTER days are back with us again.
Published: December 2018