From health and fitness to foodie favourites, we’ve got all the wellbeing trends you need to know about covered.

Gut feeling
Gut health has been big news in wellbeing for a while now and it’s definitely a big trend for this summer. Fermenting, pickling and preserving are all increasing in popularity because they’re a tasty and healthy approach to food preparation as well as being a fun process for those who love spending time in the kitchen. Probiotics like kimchi, miso and kefir and prebiotics including onion and garlic are set to be a big focus in healthy recipes.

Ready for combat
Perhaps thanks to the popularity of boxing heroes like Anthony Joshua and Nicola Adams, combat sports are on the rise, and no wonder; they’re a fantastic full-body workout. Check if your gym offers martial arts, kickboxing or Muay Thai classes. They improve cardiovascular health and stamina, and build lean muscle mass.

High-tech nutrition
Apps are hugely popular among the health-conscious and we’re particularly taken with the glut of nutritionist apps available at the moment. Healthspan is a new app which monitors your food and drink intake and identifies exactly which nutrition you need during the day. It takes the temperature of your diet and delivers recommendations about what supplements you need.

Virgin drinks
Forget ordering an orange juice at the bar when you’re trying to be good. Non-alcoholic drinks are set to be big, both at home and in bars, pubs and restaurants. Health-conscious millennials are ditching the boot in favour of flavoured tonic waters, botanical mixes and non-alcoholic 'spirits’.

Mind on the job
The benefits of mindfulness are many and varied, so why not bring the approach to your workout? Look out for mindful fitness classes, which are slower-paced and take an holistic approach to fitness. Slower-paced yoga classes and guided meditation are great. One fitness studio in New York has even started offering manicures with guided meditation. Sign us up...
Published: July 2018