Taking The World By Storm

Founded in 2010, Tempest Brewing Co are the perfect example of a modern Scottish drinks company. Relentlessly dedicated to production quality, creative and conceptual approach to making new beers, and engaging people not just in Scotland but all over the world with their open, transparent attitude.

What started in a garage in Christchurch, New Zealand, has become a behemoth in the Scottish alcohol industry. Last year, they took home 12 awards including two separate Brewery of the Year titles and Export Business of the Year at the Scottish Borders Business Excellence Awards. They have always firmly believed in the Scottish Borders ,showcasing a region that’s started to gain real notice from the opening of the Borders Railway right on their doorstep.

So what are Tempest all about? Their values are simple but immensely important. Fresh craft beer made with the highest respect for production quality, and for the ingredients that go into it. Their beers aren’t just exciting, they’re incredibly well made. From their flagship pale ale, Long White Cloud, to their chilli, chocolate and cinnamon imperial stout, Mexicake, they look across the entire spectrum of styles and ingredients meaning there’s always something new, and something to suit any palate.

But they’re not just an example of a great craft eer company, but of a great Borders-based company embracing their locality and sharing it with others. Not just because they choose to be based in Tweedbank, but in many ways. One way is in their approach to staffing, employing not just local residents but graduates from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, and other young people from as far afield as Glasgow. Another way is in their recent launch of their own self-run festivals at their brewery. Last September seen them host their first Oktoberfest celebration bringing 500 people to Tweedbank from Dundee to Fife to Newcastle. And this January, they announced a second annual festival, Springfest, to be held on April 29th again at their brewery; they’re on track to bring in 750 people this time around, with plans to expand capacity further for this year’s Oktoberfest. Tweedbank is fast becoming a mustvisit destination for craft beer and street food lovers across Scotland and Northern England.

After a massive expansion in early 2015, Tempest have already had to expand again to accommodate the incredible demand for their beer. In the two short years since their expansion, they’ve started sending beer out to France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, New Zealand, Malaysia, and more, with countless other international importers keen to take them on. Combine that with their deals in various Scottish supermarkets, and huge output of new beers into specialist shops, it’s clear to see that things aren’t slowing down anytime soon for the team at Scotland’s top brewery. TC

Published: Feb 2017

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