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Amy at L.A Bridal brings us her advice on choosing a Mother of the Bride or Groom Outfit

Wearing a Mother of the Bride/Groom outfit is nothing like anything you would usually wear to a wedding. Opening yourself to new options and stepping outside your comfort zone is key. You should stand out from the other guests as this is a big day for yourself. Giving away your son or daughter is a monumental part of your life, you should feel special too!

Colours for this year are leaning towards pastels with bold prints and silver and lace. Wearing a matching jacket can help you stand out as the person you are in the party and also if you take the jacket off in the evening the dress is revealed for a whole different look. Tying in with the bridesmaid’s colours is always a good idea. If you feel they have picked a colour that doesn’t suit you at least pick a colour that doesn’t clash.

As the mother of the Bride you also have the option to wear cream or white but this should always be discussed with the Bride herself to make sure she is okay with this choice. You don’t want to upstage her on her own big day! At L.A Bridal we have a vast selection of dresses that are made for real women from sizes 10-30. I always try and encourage ladies to try something they wouldn’t normally try on as nine times out of ten they pick something they didn’t like on the hanger.

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Published: Feb 2017

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