Old Meets New

Learn how upcycling and antique pieces can add character and depth to your interiors

Have you ever been given a piece of furniture that you have stored in the attic to gather dust?

We all have. Mostly because we think the piece won’t fit our modern homes, it’s not in the condition it once was or we simply don’t like it. With places such as IKEA, Argos and even supermarkets selling flat-pack furniture it can be easy to fall into the trap of always buying new. But what if you could re-invent your older pieces and bring new life into them. Our experts are on hand to offer advice and if that is still too much they’re here to do it for you!

Margaret and Julie from Edenwater Interiors, Kelso start us off with an initial thought:

“Before you head to the dump, think – Can I use this piece of furniture elsewhere in the house? A new lick of paint can transform that old sideboard, bookcase or drawers. New fabric can update that old stool and Granny's chest of drawers can be brought into the 21st century for very little cost.“

How many times have you been on a rubbish run and spotted perfectly good hardwood furniture in the skip? Too many. As Edenwater Interiors mention little cost furniture can be brought back to life and to suit any décor. Paint, replacing fabrics, changing door knobs are all things to consider. Their beautiful interiors and work can be seen in Navy Blue, Kelso. Their reupholstering work is a great addition to any home. Contact them for more details.

If you are going to paint a piece of furniture. The newest trend is to use Annie Sloans Chalk paint available from La Petit Chambre in Peebles. This versatile paint comes in a stunning range of colours and can be used on furniture, fabrics and walls. Rachel recommends cleaning down your furniture before beginning to paint, it may seem clean but it can be deceivingly dirty. The great thing about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is that you don’t have to sand, prime or strip before you start but she does advise you take some sandpaper to any rough parts. If this all seems a bit too scary Rachel runs Annie Sloan workshops where she shares her expert advice. Along with the workshops, La Petit Chambre has a wide range of interiors, antique pieces and gifts.

Their knowledge and expertise can be seen in their shop in Denholm. An eclectic mix of new and old from various dealers. This shop really is an emporium of wonder!

Another treasure trove of antique pieces and bespoke furniture is Old Melrose Furniture Studio and Tea Room. Set in a stunning location just of the A68 why not pop in for lunch and have a look at their range of furniture. Tim, Robyn and the team are always on hand to help with any questions you may have.

If you haven’t been blessed with hand me down furniture Peter and Lynn from Denholm Antiques give us their advice on buying:

“If you are looking at general furniture a good guide is to go over it with a fi ne-tooth comb. Any rot or wood worm is a no go and will detract from the value. Make sure all trim and veneers are in place and the item is sound. Any scratches or chips can be expensive to repair. Basically, do your research, ask the dealer questions, and do a thorough inspection before you buy and if you are happy with what you see it could be a great addition to your home.’’

If you have gone ahead and bought a piece of furniture and it’s out with your capabilities why not leave it up to a professional. Andrew Raphael has over 30 years of sympathetic antique furniture restoration. Specialising in French Polishing and Inlay/Veneer restoration. When it comes to restoration Andrew advises “Now has never been a better time to buy antique furniture. It is well worth the investment to acquire something you like, have it restored, and in the future you will have something that has stood the test of time and actually have gone up in value. Prices of antiques have always fl uctuated. Right now, they are low, but that won't always be the case.

Take something with a story put some love and time into it and you will have a unique piece for your home than will add something that little bit different. TC

Published: July 2017

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