The Latte Ladies

When two ladies from Lauder decided to set themselves a challenge for 2017 they never expected to spill the beans to the Toun Cryer!

Nothing worthwhile starts without a coffee any worthwhile run ends, in a coffee shop. Those eternal words were spoken to me by Anne Lilico and Susan Sutherland one sunny Monday morning over you guessed it, a coffee! Looking rather spritely for just finishing a cycle the ladies full of laughter began to tell me how their blog BeanThereRanThat.com started. Being part of the Lauderdale Limpers running club and coached by Graeme, Susan’s husband they told me how each year since 2013 they had set themselves and the club members a challenge. Starting with 13 half marathons in 2013.

2017’s idea had come from a fellow Hawick runner after a breakfast run one day. He told the ladies about how he was visiting 40 coffee shops to celebrate turning 40. The idea was brilliant for the ladies who drank coffee like it was going out of fashion. So, to celebrate their clubs 20th Anniversary they decided that they were going to run to 20 coffee shops across the Scottish Borders. Starting in Oxton and ending in Lauder each run would be between five and fifteen miles long ending obviously, in a coffee and a cake.

Each time the ladies run they document their experience on their blog rating it out of ten taking into consideration difficulty, enjoyability and of course the coffee and cake. The route shown in the map will take them the most part of 2017 to complete as the ladies have to schedule around their busy lives. The ladies don’t run alone however. Inviting club members to come along is all part of the fun! One leg so far has been a night run and let’s just say there was a little bit more prosecco consumed at the end than coffee. Making each run unique and involving each coffee shop along the way the ladies are really encouraging young and old into running, showing that not only is it a great way to stay active but it also can be a great activity to do with friends. The ladies say if you are too out of breath to talk, then slow down! TC

The Lauderdale Limpers run on Tuesday nights at 7.30pm for Adults meeting at The Football Pavilion in Lauder and Juniors at 6.15pm at Lauder Primary School. It’s £1.00 per week and new members are welcome.

Published: May 2017

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