Home Is Where The Hearth Is

It’s hard to beat a warmer welcome than coming in from the cold to a cosy stove.

Most of us grew up with one - as the sole source of heat - with central heating being a rare commodity. As the demand for housing grew, however, so too did the popularity of gas and electric central heating. With the ease of flicking a switch, a whole house could be heated to an agreeable temperature within thirty minutes.

But with rising fuel bills these days, the appetite for multi-fuel and renewable sources of heating in our homes has rocketed. Whilst some are used for purely aesthetic reasons, stoves can be used to heat water, radiators and even underfloor heating. With a wide range of stoves to choose from, there is one to suit almost every home.

The type of fuel used can be a deciding factor - wood burning, pellet, smokeless, gas, multi-fuel and even false stoves are all viable options for consumers.

Most houses can be fitted with stoves, according to Leslie Hardie - a builder with 25 years of experience: "Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Fireplaces can be converted even if they haven’t been used in years. Flats needn’t be written off either. Flues (the pipe from the stove in which smoke and heat are expelled) can be attached to the outside of buildings."

So even the most inaccessible homes are not ruled out, even if some do pose more of a challenge. There are several important factors to consider before deciding to install a stove, certainly the initial cost involved. Although a stove may stop you turning up the central heating as much in the colder months. The cleaning of the pipes should also be considered every year, and may vary in price. This can be a dusty affair, so it’s recommended you move as much furniture etc out of the room as possible - and cover the rest with dust sheets!

Whilst skilled and trusted builders can fit stoves, your best option would be to consult an expert. They are vastly experienced and have the specialist knowledge and expertise required to advise you on fitting the best stove for your needs.

The life span of a stove can differ greatly. Stove type, maintenance and frequency of usage are all contributing factors. With so many variables to consider, installing a stove can never be a snap decision. In saying all this, however, they certainly make a great addition to any home.

Who can resist the endearing glow and warmth of a stove, after all? TC

Published: Feb 2017

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