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A new bathroom can add thousands of pounds worth of value to a home, here are a few things to think about when renovating

When thinking about planning a new bathroom you need to ask yourself what you want from a new bathroom. Not only what you want but what you need. You may want a jacuzzi bath that takes up half the space of the room however with three young children would this be entirely practical. Think of your daily routine and what you currently store in your bathroom. Getting clever with your storage can help enormously. Think about using the dead space you have effectively. For example, bellow the sink, above the toilet. Use you space higher up for storage of toilet rolls, towels etc. Think about installing mirrored cupboards to store beauty products and medicines.

Next think about intelligent spending. Would changing the layout be entirely cost effective? A lot of work goes into plumbing for a bathroom it isn’t really that simple to change the plumbing. However, saying this if changing the layout will greatly improve the bathroom it may be something to consider. Understanding your drainage will help with this in knowing what is and isn’t possible.

Renovation takes time, on average a full bathroom refi t can take two weeks or more. You need to think about alternative arrangements in this time as your bathroom may be out of use. If you are making major changes the bathroom may be out for a little longer!

Think about your source of light as this never changes. If you don’t get a lot of natural light into the bathroom consider spotlights or LED lights around mirrors etc. This will add a modern touch and expensive feel whilst being an excellent source of light.

Common hitches that come with fi tting a new bathroom can include re-plastering. It’s very common for plaster to come away when removing old tiles. Have a contingency budget for this. Next think about the current pipework and electrics. Things may be in working order but this doesn’t mean they don’t need replaced.

Consider up to date regulations. Plumbers and electricians can help with this. Consider your own skill level. Mistakes can be costly so if in doubt hire one of our trusted professionals.

After thinking about all this you are ready to start! A new bathroom is a great investment and can be a real selling feature of a home. TC

Published: July 2017

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