Take 5... Interior Tips

If there’s one room in your home that should feel like an indulgent retreat, it’s your bathroom. It’s one of the most private spaces in your house, and it’s a place to get ready to face the day and to unwind at the end of it. Installing a new bathroom is a great way to upgrade your home, and to add real value to it if you’re thinking about selling in the near future. But where to start? Here are our tips for transforming your bathroom.

Consider layout
Bathrooms tend to be small spaces, so a carefully thought out layout is absolutely key. A great starting point is to try to ensure that the toilet isn’t the first thing you see when you open the door. Bathroom doors are often left open, meaning that anyone walking past gets a view of the toilet. Your bathroom will look much more inviting if you can avoid this.

Small packages
If you’re working with a very small space, it can feel like you’re very limited on options. With a bit of creativity, however, there’s plenty you can do. Corner sinks save lots of space, while baths come in a surprising range of shapes and sizes. Choose a three-quarter sized tub if things are a tight squeeze.

Know when to splurge
Even if you’re on a tight budget, choosing one or two areas of your bathroom in which to splurge on high-end materials can make a massive difference to the overall feel. Have a piece of marble cut for your countertop, or choose luxurious tiles for your floor. Since you’re dealing with a relatively small area, you may find that you can afford to splash out.

Keep it simple
Remember that a complete overhaul isn’t necessary if you want to transform your bathroom. Consider refinishing key details instead of tearing everything out. New tiles can really refresh a space, while investing in new taps and a big, luxurious shower head are quick, cheap and easy ways to add a little polish.

Storage is king
We store so much paraphernalia in our bathrooms, yet so few people properly consider storage when they’re installing a new bathroom. From medicines to toothpaste, most of the things we store here should be firmly off display. When planning your new bathroom, ask your designer to draw up some storage options. Big drawers under your sink are great, while awkward nooks and corners are ideal for fitting bespoke storage solutions.
Published: February 2018