Take 5 - Health trends

Athleisure wear (stylish athletic wear which looks good outside of the gym too) has become a mainstay in our wardrobes. This year, however, we’ll be taking it to the next level with workleisure wear. From Mark Zuckerberg to Steve Jobs, many CEOs espouse the benefits of being casual and comfortable in the office. Well its about to cross over into the mainstream, with some fashion brands bringing out workleisure lines, allowing you to be stylish and comfortable in the office and making that lunch break yoga class that little bit easier.

From fitness and recipe apps to devices to track every element of our workouts, we’re becoming increasingly reliant on technology for our wellbeing. But being glued to our tiny screens clutters the mind, and increasingly, the idea of going on a digital detox is being embraced. This could be as simple as making sure your phone isn’t in your bedroom when you’re sleeping. However some hotels are now even helping their guests with their digital detox, proudly boasting about their wi-fi-free credentials.

When you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet, spices can be a great way to add flavour without adding calories. Increasingly however, they’re being celebrated for their own health benefits. Try adding turmeric to your coffee (yes, really!) or cinnamon to your morning smoothie. They’re said to have antiinflammatory benefits and to reduce stress.

Last year, we were all about hygge, the Danish art of getting cosy. This year, we’ll be embracing imperfections via the ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. Wabi (meaning ‘transient beauty’) and sabi (meaning ‘to see through appreciative eyes’) is about enjoying life’s imperfections and appreciating simple pleasures. A cracked cup, a worn piece of furniture, a wonky carrot from your own garden...

When you’ve got children, making time for a fitness class can be tricky. Bring them along and you can all stay fit and healthy together. Projekt 42 is a new, not-for-profit gym and wellness centre in Leith which offers a family yoga class on a Friday afternoon. The whole family works together, and through mindfulness, visualisation and relaxation techniques, children and their parents learn to calm their minds and relax.
Published: December 2017