Cut the Clutter

Editor Lynn Stewart shares her tips on getting organised at home.

You might not be planning a major interiors project, but this is the perfect time of year to clear the decks and give your home a fresh new look for the year ahead.

If your living room is a multi-tasking space, create an area for working, studying or reading. Simply dedicating one area will help to contain the activity in one place and stop clutter spreading across the entire room.
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Start by working through the rooms you feel could do with a bit of a revamp. Move as much out of the room as possible – it is amazing how many objects we don’t actually ‘see’ any more, simply because they have been there for so long. Be ruthless, and only put back things you really love and want to display. Grouping objects together, such as vases or photographs, will have more impact than if they are dotted around a room.
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Rails, hooks and open shelves in the kitchen will all help to keep things in place, without closing down the space around it. Mirrored cabinets in bathrooms will hide clutter, while reflecting light and creating a sense of space. Making small changes throughout the home will help add to a spacious, more streamlined feel.
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Storage is key to keeping on top of clutter. Open-ended bookcases offer a solution and still keep the room feeling spacious. We love the idea of a ladder magazine rack, which can be used to hold mags and newspapers. Storage chests are handy for everything from CDs to magazines and can double up as a coffee table, while baskets are useful for keeping clutter out of sight in every room. TC
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Published: January 2018