Bright Sparks

Editor Lynn Stewart explains why now is the time to rethink your lighting.

Despite shorter, gloomier days, few of us think about changing the lighting levels in our homes to compensate, but extra layers of warm lighting will liven up interiors through the darker months.

To light homes properly, there should be three layers of lighting - ambient, task and accent. Ambient is the general overhead lighting; task lighting is the light you require for tasks, such as reading, cooking, studying; while accent lighting is used not only to create atmosphere, it is also used to highlight features or artworks.

Not only does lighting perform a function, it can also create a focal point in a room and hold a decor scheme together.
Gold Globe Pendant Light, £102,

Taking a contemporary approach, the Paros Pendant Light features a stretched knitted fabric shade in colours from blue through to dark grey. Team it with the elongated Byblos shade for real impact, while the feather lamp shades from Rose & Grey add a quirky twist to interiors.
Paros Pendant Light by Cattelan Italia, £560,
Feather lampshade, from £59,

Chandeliers look stunning centre stage in a room, while pendant lamps are a striking addition over dining tables or breakfast bars. It’s worth considering fi tting dimmers to all overhead lighting, particularly over dinner tables, to help set the right mood and not dazzle diners!

Metallics will always carry the wow factor. We love Audenza’s gold globe pendant light, which would work on its own or lined up in a row of three across a kitchen island. The Ren brass pendant light also works well lined up over a table or work area.
Ren Brass Pendant Light, £220,

One of the easiest ways to introduce accent lighting is through candlelight. We’ve fallen for Rowen & Wren’s Hanging Brass Sky Lanterns, which have a real rustic feel, as well as their bold Zinc lanterns for pillar candles. And at this time of year you can go completely over the top and light as many as you like - homes need all the warmth and light they can get.
Hanging Brass Sky Lanterns, from £24,
Published: January 2018